Episode 002. Wonder Woman and Women in Sci-Fi

June 6, 2017

Discussion centered on the Wonder Woman movie and an overview of women in sci-fi.

  • Length 1h:12m:05s
  • McKay – 1m:20s Recommendation from McKay, the show’s adopted whiskey enthusiast
  • Tasting3m:30s High West Whiskey – Campfire
  • Scoring10m:04s Medical Droid 2-1B and Lando
  • Break 117m:37s Shoff shaving his legs
  • Break 244m:30s Torpedos are slow
  • Ghostbusters1h:02m:15s Shoff talks about Ghostbusters and compares what it was to what it could have been

The Whiskey Order

High West Whiskey Campfire

Rye whiskey, bourbon whiskey, and blended malt scotch combined to cinnamon, honey, and peat smoke. Recommended to the show by McKay.

If this whiskey were a Rebel Alliance character, it would be a:

Kwinn. Medical Droid 2-1B because the medicinal taste from the kelp infused peat, likely from the Bruichladdich Distillery, aligns it with the medical droid and the drink healed me, baby!

Shoff. Lando turned bad when he initially made a bargain with the Empire to sell Han and his friends to Vader, and this depicts the smokey, altering flavor. And since he was being sweet to Han and Leia, it’s like Lando was sweet and fruity, just like the Campfire whiskey.